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Village of Kalkaska

200 Hyde Street

Kalkaska, MI 49646

Phone: 231-258-9191


Village Water and Sewer Fee Schedule Adopted 02-13-17docx.docx

The historic Village of Kalkaska is found at the crossroads of rail, highways, airport, and trails amidst Northwest Michigan’s forests, fields, and hills. It’s home to about 2000 residents and important regional assets and employers, including a hospital, high-quality schools, a historic downtown, significant amounts of industrial property, government offices and services, and a large recreational complex.

The Village of Kalkaska has emerged as a regional leader in community development activities, working proactively to attract and support business, redevelop blighted properties, and improve the historic downtown. Kalkaska leaders, businesses, schools, and others are forward-thinking and proactive in their work to capitalize on the Village’s many assets. What’s more, the Village is supported by a strong and solid network of federal, state, County, and regional partners, as well as neighboring communities. Together with its partners, Kalkaska is making tangible progress to its community’s most important goals.

Kalkaska's Mission is to continue to prosper by creating an environment hospitable to business and industry which will create jobs and services while enhancing, preserving and protecting the quality of life for all people, in a safe and friendly community. To provide the public with village services and facilities necessary for the enjoyment of rural living within available resources with an emphasis on individual responsibility and community commitment.

It's Vision is to bring the larger county community together with a downtown that provides state of the art facilities accommodating a positive social balance of educational, recreational, and cultural resources and services, while protecting and preserving the natural amenities of the area. Kalkaska will strive to encourage quality commercial/industrial growth for a healthier tax base and to allow employment opportunities for all residents.