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Sieting Hotel

356 S Cedar Street

Kalkaska, MI 49646

(231) 564-0731

Sieting Hotel

Kalkaska's Historic Sieting Hotel was built the same year the Titanic sank. Local entrepreneurs have been hard at work on this historic structure. If all goes as planned, the Hotel Sieting should reopen in 2013. The opening will be in stages beginning with the tavern section of the Kalkaska motel.

The Hotel Sieting, commonly known as the Hotel Kalkaska or the Manning House is a rectangular-plan, two-story, brick structure distinguished by a two-story facade-width balustraded veranda. The veranda's original lattice has been replaced by a solid apron, while the six porch columns and balustrade have been replaced by pillars and elements similar to the originals. The five-bay facade is a symmetrical composition that displays flanking rusticated corner piers. Recessed panels above the Kalkaska Inn's second story windows that flank the Kalkaska Hotel Sieting name plaque are surmounted by denticulated brick work and an elaborate cornice. The roof line of the Kalkaska Motel is distinguished by a pedimented central medallion prominently displaying a date plaque stating "1912," while the building corners are further defined by stunted masonry pinnacles.

This Kalkaska Hotel is an important component of the history of Kalkaska. It served as a focal point for community life for many years and is an intact representative of early twentieth century commercial inn architecture. The Kalkaska Hotel Sieting was erected in 1912, replacing the Manning House Hotel, which had served the community since the 1870s prior to its destruction by fire in 1910. The Kalkaska hotel was constructed for John Sieting, sheriff of Kalkaska County at the time. It was one of the major brick buildings erected in the city in an attempt to avoid the disastrous fires of 1908 and 1910 that destroyed most of the Kalkaska's Motel and Hotel district. In 1914 the hotel passed to Charles Swaverly and was renamed Hotel Kalkaska. In 1936 the Kalkaska hotel was remodeled and reopened after new owners linked its reopening to a successful campaign to legalize liquor by the drink in Kalkaska. The Kalkaska, MI hotel was a social and business focal point, hosting meetings of such organizations as the chamber of commerce. The hotel in Kalkaska is presently undergoing renovation and restoration after its sale to owners who desire to return it to its former glory.

In 2010, Jeff Sieting and his wife Amy purchased the hotel. For some 20 years, Jeff Sieting has had his eye on the building in Kalkaska that bears his name. The historic Hotel Sieting, built in 1912 by his great-great grandfather's brother, has sat vacant since the mid-80s, growing more dilapidated with each passing year. He has plans to restore it to its' original glory. It currently is the home for his wood-shop and showroom. It also houses the Liberty Gumball & Candy Machine Co. – purveyor of custom-built vintage gumball and candy machines – as well as other furniture he crafts himself.

In 2017, the Sieting Hotel was sold.