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Things To Do

There are many fun things to do in Kalkaska, MI, which boasts diverse outdoor adventures, a vibrant and inviting downtown, numerous historic attractions and unique shopping options. Kalkaska has over 395 miles of lakes, rivers, streams and estuaries.

Kalkaska Historical Society and Museum

Located directly behind the "Giant Rainbow Trout" fountain ("Glistening focal point of the National Trout Festival") in downtown Kalkaska. You can't miss it. During the summer, it's incredible the number and variety of visitors who stop to have their picture taken with the trout.

Seven Bridges

Seven Bridges is a wildlife preservation known as the “Jewel” of Kalkaska County. It was established in 1994. Despite its name Seven Bridges only contains four bridges. Seven Bridges is open all year to tourists. It contains 314 acres of land and is located on Valley Road, Rapid City, MI 49676.

Skegemog Swamp Pathway

Making use of an old rail way, the Skegemog Swamp Pathway surrounds you in very unique experience of natural beauty very few people get to witness first hand. The Pathway crosses a swamp with running water and lush vegetation by way of wooden walkways and bridges. The air is fresh with the aroma of cedar and pine trees as well as flowers and other plants.