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North Country Trails National Trails Day Hike and Picnic

Saturday, June 6, 2020 - virtual due to COVID-19, celebration rescheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2020

Cadillac to Kalkaska Speeder Car Excursion

Saturday, June 6, 2020 (cancelled until Fall, date TBD)

Chalker Park

200 - 298 Laurel Street

Kalkaska, MI 49646

Great Lake Rail Cars, Inc

Great Lakes Rail Cars, Inc. is pleased to sponsor a 3-day motor car excursion over a portion of theGreat Lakes Central Railroad (ex- Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway), beginning with set-on Thursday afternoon, June 6, 2019, followed by the excursion on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, June 7-9, 2018. Participants will travel a total of 238 miles in the beautiful northwestern portion of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. They will stop in Kalkaska at Chalker Park for approximately 2 hours on Saturday, June 4th. Those in attendance will be able to view the Speeder Cars, take pictures and talk to the drivers.

For more information, visit NARCOA's website: Great Lake Rail Cars 2016 Excursions

NARCOA Speeder Cars

North American Railcar Operators Association – ‘NARCOA’ - is a non-profit group dedicated to the preservation and the safe, legal operation of railroad equipment historically used for maintenance of way. The key phrase in this description is “ safe, legal operation”. NARCOA members operate their own privately owned railroad motorcars on railroads throughout the United States and Canada during railroad-sanctioned NARCOA excursions. Members travel through some of the most picturesque areas of the North American continent. Excursions vary from one-day, 25 mile trips between two towns to multi-day, 1000 mile trips covering several states or provinces! These excursions are organized by NARCOA Excursion Coordinators. All excursions are approved by and coordinated with participating railroads.

Railroad motorcars or ‘Speeders’ were used by the railroads to inspect the many miles of track for defects and to handle track maintenance. Speeders have been phased out by the railroads in favor of Hy-Rail Vehicles, which are standard road vehicles with retractable guide wheels that can operate on road or rail. Railfans bought the scrap speeders and organized NARCOA in the mid 1980’s. Running a speeder costs considerably less than boating or golfing although some think it’s a hot, noisy and smelly hobby! Some members also own and operate more modern Hy-Rail vehicles.
For more information, visit NARCOA's website:

is all set for Saturday, June 25th, 2016 (7 am - 3 pm) in our lovely northern Michigan community. This coming year, we are continuing to diversify the event to include a variety of vehicles that are important to our every day life, and have been a part of the rich history of the region. Many collectors and hobbyists will not only bring fabulous aircraft, but classic cars, motorcycles and tractors have been invited for the community to enjoy!

May - September

Tuesdays, 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Railroad Square

353 S Cedar Street (next to the Kalkaska Museum and Trout Fountain)

Kalkaska, MI 49646


Kalkaska Farmers' Market

Farmers' Markets are good for the economy, highlight our rich agricultural community, and support our small farm businesses, while placing good food on the plates of our neighbors and visitors to the area. The Kalkaska Farmers' Market will attract both local consumers and visitors. It will highlight the rural culture of our Village and provide a gathering place for conversation. Small growers are provided an opportunity to sell their product that may not exist without a Market.

The Kalkaska Farmers' Market Mission:

To create a lively and vibrant market, showcasing local food and talent. The Village of Kalkaska Farmers' Market and its vendors will be ambassadors for community development, local businesses and schools. Vendors will proudly provide quality products in an environment that encourages good times, healthy food, lively conversation, and camaraderie. We envision a market that is an event that people will tell their friends and family about!

Vendor Courtesy and Policy List 2020.pdf