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Farrier Surveying, Inc.

244 S Cedar Street

Kalkaska, MI 49646

Phone: (231) 258-8162


Farrier Surveying, Inc. was founded by Eugene Farrier in 1980. Based in Kalkaska MI, it is a family owned and operated firm that has grown to include 8 employees, including the following key personnel.

Company Mission Statement

At Farrier Surveying, our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality service utilizing state-of -the-art equipment in surveying services, while maintaining cost competitiveness. Our model is to put God first, family second, then community and work.

Our services include:

Boundary and lot surveys - The property corners, whether a metes and bounds description or a platted subdivision, are marked or established based on the legal description of the property. Also included are the locating of improvements, locating encroachments from or onto neighboring parcels, and a certified drawing defining the results.

Construction staking

Easement surveys

Elevation survey - Sometimes required by lenders for property abutting water to meet FEMA flood insurance requirements. Elevation surveys refer to a variety of services that determine the elevations necessary for building setbacks and floodplain determinations.

House/building stakeout - Prior to construction, a house or other structure can be accurately staked on a parcel, with offsets, so that it is built in the correct position. This can be coordinated with the builder to make sure the necessary stakes are provided.

Land division - Required when one piece of land is divided into two or more parcels. Drawings and parcel descriptions are prepared for the new parcel(s) and easement descriptions can also be included.

Property line disputes

Sideline staking - Sideline staking - If considering fence installation, an addition to existing improvements, or if you simply need to know where your physical property line is, we can provide you with an estimate for sideline staking.

Site plans

Tree surveys

Wetland surveys

*also serving: Antrim, Crawford, Western Otsego, Northern Missaukee, Northern Wexford, and Western Grand Traverse counties.

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