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AMG Services Inc.

315 E Dresden Street

Kalkaska, MI 49646

Phone: (231) 258-7820



AMG Services has over 40 years of experience working alongside engineering, procurement, and field operations for some of the largest oil and gas producers in the nation.

Here are a few projects that we are currently working on in our offices.

Current projects include the design and fabrication of a prototype BTEX unit and a non-condensable gas burner system. Currently designing a "Southern Region" BTEX Unit. Replacement condensing coolers and condensing tanks compatible with Cameron style BTEX units.

Here is a description of some of the services we have provided to a few of our customers in the past years.

2013-2014 Contracted by Boulder Energy Solutions for Project Management services on the Williams Energy Dunbar Central Production Facility. Responsibilities included the supervision of the main construction contractor on a daily basis and to interface with Williams’ Engineering staff and Operations personnel. Provided Technical support where needed.

Contracted by Gas Compression Consulting to perform as part of a Williams Energy Startup and Commissioning Team on their Shaskas Compressor Station. (By request of Williams Energy) Responsibilities included Technical support for the installation of the Dehydration system for both fuel gas and main stream gas. We were later given the responsibilities of supervision over the pre-commissioning of two Caterpillar Ariel gas compressor packages. Assisted in the commissioning and start up with all of the above.

2010-2013 Contracted to the Chesapeake's Midstream Design and Fabrication group. . Provided Technical support to Chesapeake Engineering, Construction and Operations Personnel. Provided recommendations for equipment/process design changes to include Dehydration systems, Flow Control skids, BTEX systems, inlet separation, inlet Finger Skids and NGL Stabilization. Assisted with the PLC program development of vender supplied Burner Management Systems and Variable Speed Drives. Supervised, trained and scheduled contract field services. AMG Services was instrumental in providing Technical support for upwards of 20 Mid-Stream facilities and their commissioning. On average these Facilities were designed for 300mm/cfd.

States of responsibilities were New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.